Purposeful design for ambitious businesses.

I help entrepreneurs and organisations to find their voice and build their vision. Storytelling and design tactics are key to frame the right message.

Reframe complexity

Simplifying reality

Today’s world is constantly changing. Stories can reframe complexity and make your audiences better understand your value. I help you uncover your core narrative.

"WOW" your audience with content that resonates

To be impactful, you need to find the right balance between informing people and touching them emotionally. I craft visual stories that people can identify and engage with.

Create resonance

Featured work

The Art of Liquidity

For a consultancy in debt financing, I developed a visual identity that looks fresh, but radiates confidence and robustness. I also took care of the name: Liquarto, or the art of building liquidity. My studio designed a range of communication materials that further promote the brand.

Infographic scrollytelling about the customer experience

One of the world’s leading professional services companies conducts every year a survey about customer experience in the banking & insurance industry. My job was to weave a visual story from the survey results. I came up with a series of interactive infographics that cleverly use motion design to enhance... the customer experience.

Stories are build to scale. No matter your activity, no matter your size or growth stage.

I worked with teams from...

…and many other enthusiast freelancers, startups, SME and large companies!

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