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Filip Coertjens

Hi there...

My name is Filip Coertjens and I am a creative professional with extensive experience in strategic communications, as a brand expert and as a graphic designer.

My clients tell me I'm good at connecting the dots...

My ‘career’ started in the advertising world as a copywriter (mainly b2b, short copy) but in essence I am a graphic designer with a love for branding and illustration. Later, I switched to general marketing roles. First at a start-up, a social media company pioneering online dating in Belgium. During that period, I was also involved in a number of other start-ups, one of which was a predecessor in the field of social commerce.

Next, I entered an international technology consultancy as digital marketing lead. I guided the regional marketing office in taking its first steps towards digital transformation (we are talking 2007, the buzzword did not exist yet!). Say email automation, creative asset management, online community building, digital advertising,… I was also one of the first to launch visual storytelling.

After almost a decade, I wanted to combine creativity with entrepreneurship and chose freelance life. Ever since I am energised by the numerous challenges that my clients are eager to get hold of. Whether it concerns defining and aligning a story, creative direction or brand-proof graphic design services: my clients can count on me.

Also in my personal life, I like inspiring stories, art and beautiful design. Walking through city and nature is another pastime of me. Wandering around is refreshing for the mind. It brings me my best ideas (which I would love to share with you!).

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Filip Coertjens on stage