Our future is determined by how we turn creativity into value. Progress is the result of smart ideas, the power to inspire others and the decisiveness to accomplish something. 

With Frametales Story, I help entrepreneurs to tell their vision.

Catching dreams

Frametales Story

Storytelling Consulting

Strategic Messaging

You intuitively know where you want to go with your company. You are looking for a way to tell this clearly. So that others are inspired by it and can start working with it.

Together with you we focus on your core narrative. We also map out the other storylines using a proven approach.

Core Narrative

It is the common thread in everything you do. Your vision, your mission, your values... your core narrative ties it all together. It is the fiber of your future fabric. Finding it is key.

Story Mapping / Storyboarding

Your brand experience is reflected by a myriad of stories. They reveal the bigger picture of your vision and define the overall user experience (UX).


Spread your vision and move your audience to action. Starting from your core narrative, we build a truthful and engaging story for your presentation, keynote or speech.

Creative Direction

You know your story and you want to translate this into an impactful communication campaign.

I help you develop an inspiring creative concept tailored to your vision and target group. I monitor uniformity and ensure that everything breathes your corporate identity. For the execution, you can contact my Studio or I work together with your own designers.


Paper is brain interface. Good ideas need sufficient white space. I help you on your way and illuminate with sketches that inspire.


Don Draper ad interim without the alcohol addiction. Tell us your goals, I'll bring you original ideas for your campaign. Creativity is the secret sauce in effective storytelling.


Are you a startup or an established company with a great product idea? We make it tangible and work out a blueprint. Well begun is half done.

I craft your visuals skilfully

Good design is vital when communicating your vision. My studio acts like your in-house graphic designer: I provide you with the visuals you need to make your point.