80 percent of all information that we remember is visual. More than words, images leave a lasting impression in our minds. Imagination is the first step to a new reality. Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you want to make it tangible. My studio is the perfect workshop to visualise your ideas.

Frametales Studio

Graphic &
Visual Design

Graphic and visual design services
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A brand is a promise, a beacon in a world of change. It is the personification of what you stand for. It helps ‘branding’ your values, vision and mission into the minds and hearts of your audience.

Whether you have a brand or need one, I can support you in both ways. I act as your remote graphic designer, but not before I have a deep understanding of what you do and want to achieve.

Logo &
Visual Identity

Give your project its own face. I develop custom logotypes, often with a complete visual identity guide. I can also provide any brand asset, for digital or print.


Today almost everything is digital. Newsletters, websites, banners ... I create pixel-perfect designs* for you, ready to shine on any screen and even beyond (AR/VR/XR).

(*) For the technical development of websites and applications, we rely on the qualitative support of external partners.


The tactile feeling of paper and the fine scent of ink remain pure magic, even in digital times. Printing is the perfect alternative if you are looking for a more exclusive touch.

Illustration services


Some ideas are difficult to grasp. Where text or photo fail, a drawing can often do more. There is nothing more versatile than illustration. We create professional illustrations (vector or bitmap) for white papers, websites, infographics and presentations.


Paper is brain interface. Good ideas need sufficient white space. I help you on your way and illuminate with sketches that inspire.

Infographics &

Facts & figures, drawings included. Or how viewing pictures becomes educationally responsible... Want to go the extra mile? Create an engaging experience through scrollytelling.


War to the bullet points! Good slides are visually stunning and simple. They support your story without diverting attention. Available in Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi.

Frame your vision with a story

A vision well-told is a powerful tool. I help you to develop one. We won't rest until your vision lives on in the minds of your audience. Those are the sparks of change.